Our Mission:

We support the personal and professional development of financial advisors and their teams through an approach that honors the whole individual. Our team lives a life of rest & play, mutual respect and wholehearted living. Unleash Your Practice® is a unique and highly respected program with a wide range of coaching opportunities for Financial Representatives and Managing Directors at all stages in the business. Our events, telecourses, group coaching and private coaching are some of the many ways we serve our clients. We bring authenticity and genuine life balance to the company and its people. One day, compassionate coaching and TRE (www.traumaprevention.com) will be standard practice in the financial industry.

Who will most benefit most from these programs?
If you, or your staff are:

  • Highly committed to succeeding at building a practice
  • Avoiding phoning or even dreading it
  • Fearful of rejection and failure
  • Worried about burnout
  • Struggling with work/life balance
  • Wondering if you can make it in this business
  • Anxious about asking for referrals or not asking for referrals
  • Struggling to close effectively
  • Unsure how to have a close feel comfortable and natural for both parties
  • Stuck in your practice and ready to take it to the next level

Certified Life Coach Alissa Gauger, MBA, has been working with financial advisors for years and is a client. Gauger understands what it takes to run a successful practice. She melds coaching tools with her practical knowledge of what it takes to grow and sustain a practice. Meet our entire team here.