Meet Our Team

About Alissa


Alissa Gauger, MBA, has consistently helped financial advisors gain a competitive advantage by applying her strong business background and highly effective coaching techniques. She is a Certified Martha Beck Life Coach, a Certified Kolbe Consultant, a Certified Koelle Simpson Equus Coach, and also a Level II Advanced Certified Tension and Trauma Release (TRE) Practitioner. Her coaching services include leadership and executive coaching.

In addition to her coaching services, Gauger works as a marketing and business consultant, writer and speaker.



About Malory


Certified Martha Beck Coach and Certified Kolbe Consultant Malory Ogrizovich is passionate about helping people find and live out their best lives. Ogrizovich has inside-out knowledge of the Northwestern Mutual Sales School training process through her work as Training & Development Coordinator at Northwestern Mutual- The Holter Financial Group in Milwaukee, WI and as Director of Training at Northwestern Mutual – The Kosnick Financial Group in Madison, WI. She also worked for a year as a Financial Representative at the Kosnick Financial Group which gave her true insight into this lifestyle career. “My role as an Unleash Your PracticeTM coach allows me to bring my in-depth knowledge of training and what it’s like in the field to empower people to bring their best selves to their practices and their lives,” says Ogrizovich. Ogrizovich enjoys spending time with her husband and two sons.




About Connie

Connie Moroz, MSW, is energized by supporting others to learn, grow and create their most satisfying lives and careers. As a Certified Unleash Your Practice Coach, she partners with reps to connect with their true selves, maximize their potential and grow an abundant practice. She has inside experience through her work at Northwestern Mutual-Chicago as a Development Coordinator, RACE Coach and Associate Financial Representative. She is influential in helping new financial reps start and build a successful career, training and developing the sales support team, and supporting veteran reps and their teams. Connie also received training from the Center for Christian Life Enrichment (CLE) with a focus on personal growth and transformation coaching.


About Rachel

Rachel Vogedes, MA, LPC, is a Certified Unleash Your Practice life coach. She brings a unique combination from her work as a psychotherapist in private practice, as well as in hospital, clinic, and in-home settings. Running her own practice has given her the mindset of an entrepreneur. Additionally, Rachel has worked at Northwestern Mutual as Director of Internship Development.


About Corinne

Corinne's Facebook Photo
Corinne Forbing is passionate about empowering Financial Reps to discover their best selves and bring them to their practices. She has inside knowledge of the Northwestern Mutual training process through her work in the McTigue Financial Group (now Northwestern Mutual – Chicago) on the Sales Execution Team and as a RACE Coach and a Certified Master Trainer. She was instrumental in helping onboard new reps and also worked with veteran reps through her role as the Technology Coach. All of this experience gave her insight into what it’s like in the field. As an Unleash your Practice Coach, she strives to empower Financial Representatives to find their true, authentic selves in order to bring their practice to a whole new level.


About Lisa

Lisa Kann is a Certified Unleash Your Practice life coach and equus coach who specializes in strengthening communication, leadership, teamwork and building problem solving skills through incorporating horses into her practice. She has worked with Northwestern Mutual advisors for more than five years and is a dynamic coach who knows how to help clients learn to lead their lives.


About Megan

Megan Haefner was most recently part of the highly successful team working for Karl Dettmann, Northwestern Mutual – The Kosnick Financial Group. Being a part of one of the top teams at Northwestern Mutual, Haefner learned the ins and outs of building and maintaining a thriving practice. Megan graduated from UW Eau Claire with a degree in Marketing and Professional Sales.

About Laura

Laura Nighbor joined the Unleash Your Practice team in July of 2016 as the Communications Coordinator. She has previous Northwestern Mutual experience as the Director of First Impressions under Matt Heckmann and his Middleton, Wisconsin practice. Over the past few years living in Madison, she has gained a wealth of knowledge and experience working in management positions in customer service and hospitality at some of the most recognized organizations in the city. Laura enjoys working with people and strives to bring the white-gloved service that clients deserve to experience. She is a University of Wisconsin-Green Bay graduate with a degree in English Literature.