What people are Saying:

Karl Dettmann
Middleton, WI

By staying 99-100% personally in balance my practice performs optimally. With each point I go down, it starts to cost me in the amount of business I write. I attribute my weekly coaching session to at least $2K per week.

Karl Dettmann

Meeting Alissa has been one of the best blessings of my life. She not only has helped me jump my practice to over a million in premium, but more importantly I am a perennial Forum member. She has played a pivotal role in how I manage my staff, my relationships, and how I relate with my clients. When working with Alissa, be prepared for change…because it will happen.

Al Schor
Westport, CT

Alissa Gauger will coach you on how to be more efficient with your time, thoughts, feelings, energy which will allow you the producer to generate more revenue. My coaching investment allows me to live a balanced life while also becoming one of the top 20 advisors in the country. When you decide to take this risk she will transform you personally and professionally! Keep breaking boundaries. See you at the top!

Justin Wong Won
Stamford, CT

Alissa never stopped believing in my ability to meet my goals and encouraged me to keep going over the line towards the end! She’s been so impactful in helping me redirect my focus to bring more efficiency to my time and my practice. Within a few months of us working together, I was able to achieve new client bonus, write over 100 lives, and MDRT. Since working with Alissa, my production has increased 60%.

I have learned that coaching helps me achieve what is there all along but is just in my blind spot. Alissa has a natural ability to diagnose an issue and propose a solution, while motivating the individual to achieve at their best. She’s been a blessing in so many ways both personally, as well as professionally. I’m looking forward to another breakthrough year, can’t wait!

Mark Leong
Honolulu, HI

A great coach should get you to think bigger, support you, and make sure that you follow through on commitments to get you to your goals. Alissa’s coaching encompasses all of these things. Her style of coaching has helped me both personally and with my business. A couple of examples of this are that we’ve worked on being more productive with less hours worked throughout the week to do things I love doing. I have increased my production by more than 100% over the last year and my investment production by 311% through working with Alissa.

Joey Meehan
Newport Beach, CA

Working with Alissa has been pivotal for my personal and professional growth. I started working with her in the fall of 2015. When I met her, I told her I would do anything she told me. Her response, “Meet with me once per week until you’re ready to meet once every other week, then once every three weeks.” I increased my line of credit, doubled down on coaching and made the investment. My revenue in 2016 doubled from 2015. Early this year I decided to courageously relocate my practice 1200 miles to a place I knew nobody. In the midst of the move, Alissa kept my head in the game and I was able to finish the awards year with best year ever and so far I’m on track to have my best calendar year ever. I view my relationship with her as a partnership. Partnering with her has been the best financial decision I’ve ever made. If I could give advice to anybody who is on the fence, or who is one foot in and one foot out on coaching, I would tell them to have the faith that investing in themselves is the best investment they’ll ever make. We’re in the business of risk and return. Investing in a partnership with Alissa is a low risk, high return investment. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

John Chrysadakis
Norwalk, CT

Alissa has helped me understand and leverage my strengths which allowed me to focus on increasing my productivity and be more effective. Since beginning coaching in 2015, both my premium and lives production has doubled! My business/practice is functioning based on the 3 circles (my business, person's business, and God's business); something that I had a hard time with before by taking things personal. She also helped my associate and I understand each other’s work styles so that we can maximize our effectiveness as a team. Working with Alissa has helped me to qualify for Lives Leaders’ Summit as well as focus on the big picture. Looking forward, I now know it's possible to balance a high activity practice and also take time to stop and smell the roses. I have high aspirations to meet more goals, discover more about myself, and develop more great ideas in the coming year.

Theo Kuczarski
Baltimore, MD

Working with Alissa has had a huge impact on my life personally, and professionally. In the time we’ve worked together, my revenue has increased 150%. She helps me see things through a different lens, which allows me to be a much better financial advisor and person. Alissa is one of the most sincere and thoughtful people I have ever met and I am very fortunate that I was introduced to her.