What people are Saying:

Charlie Dunn
Colorado Springs, CO

Working with Alissa has impacted all areas of my life…not just my business.  She has helped me view both my personal and business relationships in a totally new light.  This new perspective has helped me to stop focusing on the areas of my life that I cannot control and focus on the things I can.  By better understanding myself and the way in which I operate I have started to realize my true potential as a business owner, advisor, husband and father.  Achieving Forum is just the beginning of where her coaching will take my personal and professional life…Thank You Alissa!

Justin Wong Won
Stamford, CT

Alissa never stopped believing in my ability to meet my goals and encouraged me to keep going over the line towards the end! She’s been so impactful in helping me redirect my focus to bring more efficiency to my time and my practice. Within a few months of us working together, I was able to achieve new client bonus, write over 100 lives, and MDRT.

I have learned that coaching helps me achieve what is there all along but is just in my blind spot. Alissa has a natural ability to diagnose an issue and propose a solution, while motivating the individual to achieve at their best. She’s been a blessing in so many ways both personally, as well as professionally. I’m looking forward to another breakthrough year, can’t wait!

Chelsea Coleman
Cleveland, OH

I had been familiar with the Unleash Your Practice Group for some time, but as I started reading their weekly blogs, I started to see just how personalized their coaching truly is. The Kolbe score helped me better identify my strengths, and helped me realize that I can capitalize on being different from traditional reps and leverage my weaknesses through collaboration, delegation, and a scientific approach to my own thinking. Above all, Rachel has been a true advocate for my growth- I honestly feel like I’ve known her for years. She not only challenges me, she arms me with the tools to be able to challenge myself, and the effects of our work are beginning to compound. I can’t wait to see what the next 6 months bring!

Russell Stehling
San Antonio, TX

My team and I have been working with Alissa for about two and a half months, beginning in April of 2015. She has helped tremendously in breaking down communication barriers and in revitalizing my vision for my practice. We produced more, with less effort, in April and May of 2015 than in any other two month period in my 12 year career and achieved Forum for the second time in the process! You can’t afford NOT to work with her. Thanks Alissa!

John Chrysadakis
Norwalk, CT

Alissa has helped me understand and leverage my strengths which allowed me to focus on increasing my productivity and be more effective. She also helped my associate and me understand each other’s work styles so that we can maximize our effectiveness as a team. Working with Alissa this year, I was able to qualify for Lives Leaders’ Summit as well as focus on the big picture. I look forward to meeting more goals in the coming year with Alissa’s help.

Justin McCall

Working with Malory has by far been one of the most insightful, useful and productive investments I have made in my practice since starting with Northwestern in early 2013. I wish I could go back and work with her from the beginning. The insight she has provided has helped me across so many areas – staffing, personal life, production and just general wellness. Highly recommend for any Northwestern Rep serious about taking their practice to the next level.

Joey Meehan
Coeur d'Alene, ID

After our call yesterday I literally felt 10 pounds lighter. I planned on staying off the phone yesterday but instead I made some dials and set 5 new appointments. Best day on the phone I’ve had in a while. Thank you.

Nick Wilson
West Des Moines, IA

“I’ve been coaching with Malory for the last 4 months and it has been wonderful. Malory is great at challenging me to think critically to come up with solutions to issues that I have in my business and personal life as well. I credit the up-swing in my business in large due to our bi-weekly coaching. I would HIGHLY recommend Malory to anyone!”