Alissa’s Testimonials

John Chrysadakis
Norwalk, CT

Alissa has helped me understand and leverage my strengths which allowed me to focus on increasing my productivity and be more effective. She also helped my associate and me understand each other’s work styles so that we can maximize our effectiveness as a team. Working with Alissa this year, I was able to qualify for Lives Leaders’ Summit as well as focus on the big picture. I look forward to meeting more goals in the coming year with Alissa’s help.

Chris Welton
Redwood City, CA

Alissa helped me communicate authentically with clients and set profitable, healthy boundaries.

Matt Blocki
Pittsburgh, PA

Commenting about how much revenue is protected with good staff is trumped by how much your personal life improves when you have the correct support in place thanks to the AFR Group Coaching Program. Respectful communication, self-empowerment to see tasks through 100% on a person's own, and respect for one another have never been so prevalent with team members in my practice after participating in this program. I am glad I did this as early as I did. This has already paid huge dividends in my practice, and many more will come as every existing and new team member that I hire will partake in this program. One of the most valuable pieces of coaching that Alissa has helped with is working with my team individually through the AFR program.

Joey Meehan
Coeur d'Alene, ID

Don’t hesitate to book this trip. It’s the best investment I’ve made for myself and my business this year

Brian Johnston
New York, NY

Everyone on the team is amazing!

Carl-Henry Sajous
Richmond, VA

There is nothing like it. We often times try to find solutions by look outside of ourselves or pointing a finger. This retreat allows you to recognize YOU are in control of your life- personally & professionally and internally & externally. Now I am a lot more intentional and deliberate with my thoughts and actions.

Dave Dettmann
Mendota Heights, MN

You think you know yourself so well and all of these little things show up that would probably take years of coaching to figure out. It's like putting something in the microwave.

Matt Blocki
Pittsburgh, PA

This retreat helped me in establishing boundaries between business and personal matters. It has also empowered me to control these boundaries moving forward. This empowerment has helped me increase revenue, become very intentional with my time and energy, and most importantly experience continued gratitude and joy in my business and personal life.