Corinne’s Testimonials

Hayley Tuitman
Chicago, IL

Corinne started working with me as a RACE coach almost two years ago at NM Chicago. She coached me through Pacesetter 40, Second 60, top 10 Bronze Central Regional and helped lay a solid foundation for my practice – both with holding me accountable and challenging my mindset around obstacles. She has been instrumental to my first 2 years in the business – and all that will follow – and I wouldn’t be where I am without her.

Zack Wallace
Chicago, IL

Corinne is dynamite. She did an incredible job keeping my visions aligned with the activity required to achieve my goals. Her insight into my practice made it possible for me to reach production levels previously thought impossible and establish the habits required to maintain that success.

Kyle Weir
Chicago, IL

Working with Corinne has been incredibly helpful in opening my eyes to some new perspectives I had not thought of myself. Phoning and prospecting have always been a difficult hurdle for me to overcome, however with several productive coaching sessions, she has helped teach me different strategies to employ before and during the process for each. Since I have begun working with Corinne, I have been more confident and effective in both dialing and prospecting, finding new ways to think about two of the most crucial elements to running a successful business. It has been a great use of time and has been paying dividends since the beginning.

Adrian Phillips
Coeur d Alene, ID

Corinne is a key to success. You’ll hear time and time again that we all possess true potential to accomplish whatever we desire. In a practice and a career that relies 100% on your effort and approach it’s important to unleash this full potential. I knew I had this potential and ability in my practice but always seemed stuck, unfocused, or self-defeated. It was when I met Corinne that my momentum started to build. She helped me overcome roadblocks and beliefs that taxed my true potential. Within a handful of meetings my confidence and priorities aligned with my goals and visions. It wasn't long before I felt anew. I had a different approach and a new reason and understanding of how I was going to accomplish my goals. Corinne has a way to lead you to your truest potential. It was her phone call that energized me each week to move the needle in my career.

Maddie Ace
Madison, WI

After just two sessions with Corinne, I have already seen my coaching improving my skills in the workplace. So far she has assisted me in identifying self limiting beliefs that I held about myself and helped me to overcome those by giving me the tools I needed to self coach. She also pragmatically consulted me on process that I had become stuck on, allowing me to grow and move through those challenges at a fast pace following our sessions. I am really excited to see where the next few months will take us!

Jordan Roberts
Middleton, WI

Corinne helped me identify beliefs that were holding me back from being my most authentic self and dissolve them. In a time when I was feeling tired and struggling with confidence, she helped me identify some of the reasons and challenged my thinking. I was surprised at how light and free I felt after our sessions.

Chelsea Jeffers
Middleton, WI

I was very skeptical of talking with a business coach before this process, but I came to look forward to each and every conversation with Corinne. The value our conversations provided me professionally and emotionally are something that I find to be invaluable. Through speaking with Corinne, I have become more resilient and able to work through hurdles at work in a more efficient and level-headed manner. Corinne made me feel so at ease and comfortable working through negative feelings and thoughts, allowing me to view them as more of a small obstacle than a complete roadblock. I would highly recommend Corinne to anyone, and am so grateful to have her as a resource in moving my practice forward.

Sam Mauldin
Austin, TX

Corinne is an exceptionally talented individual, who uses passion and kindness to inspire others. She is versatile and knowledgeable in her coaching, which leads directly to results. If you have the opportunity to get on Corinne's calendar, I'd absolutely recommend it.