Malory’s Testimonials

Aaron Elder
Moscow, ID

I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to participate in the group coaching session. Malory does a great job communicating concepts and helping coach through themes and challenges universal to financial reps. She engaged each of us on a personal level at various times to work through a specific scenario and be able to learn from the practical application as well as the concepts shared. This truly is a fantastic way to explore if coaching is a good fit for you.

Davie Cochrane
Redwood City, CA

I highly recommend Malory and the Unleash Your Practice Team. Through her coaching and guidance, Malory has helped me transform my practice. If you want to increase productivity and growth while also limiting stress and strain, I highly recommend speaking with Malory.

Nick Wilson
West Des Moines, IA

“I’ve been coaching with Malory for the last 4 months and it has been wonderful. Malory is great at challenging me to think critically to come up with solutions to issues that I have in my business and personal life as well. I credit the up-swing in my business in large due to our bi-weekly coaching. I would HIGHLY recommend Malory to anyone!”

Aaron Elder
Moscow, ID

I can’t speak highly enough about Malory. Her coaching to the deeply held beliefs we cling to and debunking the negative thoughts that hold me back have been life-changing. I have better tools to respond to the negative things and spend more time focused on my clients, my practice, and my family. I’ve seen a significant increase in my productivity and my consistency since beginning my work with Malory and I know that is tied to the confidence we’re building together as well as the strategies used to connect with my clients.

Justin McCall

Working with Malory has by far been one of the most insightful, useful and productive investments I have made in my practice since starting with Northwestern in early 2013. I wish I could go back and work with her from the beginning. The insight she has provided has helped me across so many areas – staffing, personal life, production and just general wellness. Highly recommend for any Northwestern Rep serious about taking their practice to the next level.

Nathan Sachs
Nashville, TN

Malory has been instrumental in helping with my mindset around the control I have over my business. I’ve gone from shame and embarrassment to pride and confidence in what I do for a living. Outside of being able to help me “get my mind right,” she also is full of tips and tricks that help with my sales process, my ability to connect with clients, and my language. I get cell phone numbers almost all the time when I prospect and I’m not afraid to make a “cold” call or quickly move on from someone I know isn’t worth my time. Who would have thought I’d get to a point where I control when I meet and who I meet? Thank you so much Malory for the work you and your team do day in and day out. You don’t know how often you are referenced in a such a positive light in my conversations with myself (yes, we all have them!) and my loved ones.

Jesse Koopman
Middleton, WI

I was first introduced to Unleash Your Practice at 2015 annual meeting. I was very impressed by Alissa, and how she was able to shift my thinking in a positive way in just 5 min of 1 on 1 coaching. I was still really hesitant to move forward on it, but thanks to encouragement from my mentor, I committed to doing the thought work. Little did I know what kind of path I was starting down.

My first session with Malory was pretty much what I expected. A kind of meet and greet and get some helpful tricks. What really struck me though was how well she was able to read me. She focused on really meeting me, and understanding not just my situation, but my heart. As the weeks have turned into months, I’m not sure there has been anything in my life that has helped me more to find not just success, but happiness in what I do.

Starting off in this business has been very difficult for me despite strong convictions about the important role we play in people’s lives. Malory has been a huge force in my life to help me find myself, be myself, and feel good about myself. Through that, I’ve developed better, more genuine relationships with my prospects and clients leading to a lot more success.

I cannot recommend working with Unleash Your Practice and specifically Malory enough. It’ll cost you some time, some money, and a lot of emotional energy, but it’s worth way more than you can ever put in. Put your trust in her, be vulnerable and she will do amazing things for you. I’m honored to be her client, and proud to call her a friend.

Justin Swift
Moscow, ID

My relationship with Malory has had such a powerful influence in both my personal and professional life. We so often forget to care for our mental and emotional well-being and this job takes a toll on both. She brings both the expertise and encouragement to ask the right questions and deal with the underlying beliefs that hold us back. Through her coaching, I have come to believe that having a 'Malory' on your team is essential in this business. I highly recommend her to any advisor who desires a successful and enjoyable practice.