Richard Lin
San Jose, CA

Connie provided so much insight into my personal and professional life in a short amount of time that it’s hard to imagine how valuable the effects of coaching can be! The knowledge and experience she brings to the table combined with the way she guides the conversation to sometimes allow you to step back and see the bigger picture feels enlightening. I appreciated everything she was able to show me during our time.

Thomas Turner
Northbrook, IL

Working with Connie was an absolute pleasure. Connie’s coaching not only helped me stay others focused, but allowed me to adapt a positive, optimistic mindset that is crucial in this business. Connie helped me bring to light many things that I was struggling with in my personal practice; once those struggle points were identified, Connie helped me tackle them head on. If you are looking to take your business to the next level, I would absolutely recommend getting in touch with Connie.

Drew Patenaude
Northbrook, IL

I honestly can say that there are very few individuals that have the positive qualities that Connie has. One side of her is one of the hardest working, compassionate, and selfless individuals I have ever had the pleasure to work with. Examples of this are her ability to not only hold all financial representatives accountable for the work we do in our RACE meetings, but she also has a unique ability to motivate individuals, such as myself, to continuously focus on areas of improvement. The other side of Connie is a little bit more personal. When my father passed away, I remember being scared and lost, and it was my twice a week meetings with Connie that I truly looked forward to. She has the ability to read my body language and on many occasions she would put aside talking about numbers and allow me to open up to her in a way that I have only been able to do with a very small select group of individuals. It was from these conversations that Connie was able to get me to stop thinking about the big picture and break down each work day into small victories. Connie is one of the more special people I have ever had the pleasure to work with and I look forward to continuing our relationship with Unleash Your Practice.

Steven Kuza
Troy, MI

Connie is authentic and she asks the right questions. Our coaching together was more than just business coaching but it applied to all areas of my life.

Thank you Connie!

Jorge Escarcega
San Antonio, TX

In the short time I have had with Connie there has been a whole process of self-rediscovery. She is great at making you feel at ease and helping you determine what it is that goes around you. She has been able to give me a better perspective and understanding to things I thought I already knew. This has been of tremendous help and would recommend her to anyone, no doubt!

Martha Glodz
Chicago, IL

Connie is a rockstar - coaching seems to come so naturally to her and the impact she has on me is profound. Professionally, she helps me realize where my strengths lie. Personally, she helps shape me into a more well-rounded and confident individual. I specifically enjoyed our talk about how to channel my inner critic into positive energy in the work I do. I would recommend Connie in a heartbeat to anyone, and especially to those who are looking to leverage their success and to see the positivity within oneself.

John Demkovitz
Princeton, NJ

Coaching had a big impact on my practice; it allowed me to be more focused on my personal practice. It taught me to make sure that I stay grounded to myself and how I want my practice to be run. It also helped me recognize and get rid of unnecessary stress that was caused because I was getting mad over things that I couldn’t control. Overall, was a good experience and I think anyone could benefit from it.

Horace Lee
Northbrook, IL

Connie has been tremendous to work with. She has given me her undivided attention during our sessions helping me work through the self-imposed barriers to success in this career. The result of the conversations was a better understanding of my purpose in this business. By helping me channel my “Why”, I have been able to talk with clients with more conviction and be more courageous about prospecting in the network where I can make the most impact for clients. Her coaching led me to accomplishing the first major milestone in my career; Pacesetter First 40.