FR Group Coaching Program

Financial Representatives Coaching Program

Connect Your FRs With a Top Coach—Before They Can Afford One

Only 11-15% of Financial Representatives (FRs) make it through their first year in the business. Make sure yours not only survive, but thrive! Use professional coaching to address the mental side of the business.

Enroll your FRs in group coaching with certified top coaches Alissa Gauger, MBA, and Malory Ogrizovich. If you do not see improvement in activity, premium or average case size you will receive 100% of your money back.

The certified coaches will lead live one-hour group sessions for FRs across the country. Sessions will be held on a conference line and recorded.

This program is designed to complement your internal curriculum and development systems including study groups, mentorship and more.

“I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to participate in the FR Group Coaching Program. Malory does a great job communicating concepts and helping coach through themes and challenges universal to financial reps. She engaged each of us on a personal level at various times to work through a specific scenario and be able to learn from the practical application as well as the concepts shared. This truly is a fantastic way to explore if coaching is a good fit for you.”
Aaron Elder
Northwestern Mutual
Moscow, ID
“Alissa is a mind ninja. She will bring out the best in you. Every call I had with her [in the FR Group Coaching Program], I got better. I’m a better advisor because of Alissa Gauger.”
Cody Matthews
Northwestern Mutual
Louisville, KY
“If you are looking to being equipped with tools to help you with the mental side of this business, Alissa is your person! She does an excellent job of helping you identify your inner struggles but more importantly, giving you the tools on how to walk yourself off that mental ledge. She is extremely knowledgeable about our company, processes, and clientele which makes it a natural fit as a coach.”
Andrea Smallwood
Northwestern Mutual
Louisville, KY

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Phone Like a Beast
Lack of phoning is one of the number one reasons FRs struggle to make it in the business. Unleash Your Practice coaches use a multitude of coaching tools to help them overcome their fears of phoning, improve their techniques, increase consistency and learn how to set themselves up for long term success.

1) Tame Your ‘Lizard’ Brain
Find out about the brain’s fight or flight response and the role it plays in phoning. Practice practical techniques to manage it both short and long term to better manage stress and support an attraction-based practice. Participants will learn practical tools and techniques that they can apply immediately. 

2) Get Out of Your Own Way With Phoning
Uncover all of your worries, concerns, fears and frustrations about phoning in the safety of your fellow FRs. Receive coaching and listen to others be coached to overcome the root causes of what is holding you back with phoning.

3) Do You Dread the Dial?
Learn to dial from a place of strong intention, relaxation and assertiveness. Learn specific phoning techniques, develop your own language and find out how to hold yourself accountable to phoning regularly. Make dialing more fun and rewarding.

4) Overcome Objections With Ease
Objections aren’t walls–they are feedback. Learn how to actively listen on the phone and use objections to form connection. Don’t let objections get in your way again!

5) Find Freedom from Phoning Fear
Gain practice and experience applying new phoning techniques and working with language that feels natural and is highly effective.

Tackle Prospecting Excuses
Have you heard every reason under the sun for why an FR “can’t” prospect: fear of rejection or losing the client or a case, forgetting, running out of time…and so many more excuses. It’s time to get to the root cause of why your FR is not prospecting! We have coached thousands of FRs to overcome what’s holding them back and go on to prospect successfully. Once this vital input begins to flow into a practice, FRs develop confidence and stability.

1) Win the Mental Game of Prospecting
Learn how to identify negative self-talk about prospecting and overcome it using a variety of tools customized to FRs. After working with thousands of clients, the Unleash Your Practice coaches specifically understand how to help individuals at Northwestern Mutual overcome their unique fears and limiting beliefs.

2) Advance Your Prospecting Skills
Up your game! Improve technique to receive more help and cooperation from the nominator and learn how to prospect up. Transform your practice through strategic prospecting.

3) Bullet-proof Your Prospecting
Develop a solid system for consistent prospecting in your practice. Never “forget” to ask again or “run out of time.” Each participant will create his or her own action plan.

4) Use Objections to Build Trust
Learn how to form a deeper relationship with clients and prospective clients by really hearing objections and meeting people where they are. Transform what could be resistance or a disagreement with a client into an opportunity to connect and move forward.

5) Advance Your Prospecting
Practice all of the techniques, strategies, language and tools in the group setting. Apply the concepts and bring prospecting to life.

Master the Mental Side of the Business
Unleash Your Practice finds the root cause of what’s holding FRs back in their practices and partners with them to create lasting change. Think of flying a small engine aircraft as a metaphor. Before the pilot can take off, the runway needs to be cleared of all of the “rubble” of limiting beliefs to get ready for takeoff. Another aspect of our coaching is designed to help the pilot prepare himself or herself mind, body and spirit and devise a plan of where to go. The last aspect of our coaching deals with the aircraft: is it sound? We check technique, teamwork, motivation, habits, process, language and other aspects of the practice and make sure that the plane is fit to fly.

1) Toss Out Your Mental Head Trash
Just because you have a thought does not make it true. Your thoughts shape your life dramatically. Find out how to choose thoughts that yield more powerful results. Learn a specific method to dissolve thoughts that do not serve you and replace them with ones that do.

 2) Challenge Your Mind Even at Warp Speed
As you fly through your practice you may not notice the script in your head subtly undermining your success. Learn how to identify a thought that is sabotaging you and crush it on the fly.

3) Crack Problems in a Creative New Way
Did you know that your right brain is a powerhouse of ideas and fresh perspectives? Learn how to mine it to solve any problem–no matter how maddening using the power of metaphor to unlock answers.

4) Align With Your Authenticity
There is no better you to help run a practice than the real, authentic YOU! Enjoy guided visualizations to “meet” your true self and uncover new possibilities. Find out how you may be hijacking your own leadership. Learn to lead from a powerful place of self-awareness.

5) Self Coach on the Fly
Now that you have learned the power of your thinking, harness the power of coaching yourself. Your inner critic is busy! Learn how to manage the negative thought patterns of your inner bully quickly and effectively as you go through your day.

Contact Practice Manager Megan Haefner at [email protected] or (608) 622-7764 for upcoming program dates, questions or to register.