3-Day Unleash Your PracticeTM

Are You Ready to Jump Into the Deep End of the Pool?

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Let’s do it! In this exclusive Northwestern Mutual 3-day intensive coaching program (held near Madison, WI or at your location by request) you will:

  • Learn how to work with your nervous system and how it is connected to your practice and your health
  • Dial with others, receive feedback and coaching and return home with valuable recordings
  • Dial and set during the experience
  • Overcome prospecting issues and fears
  • Learn how to develop an observing mind and work with your negative thoughts and limiting beliefs
  • Enjoy spending time outdoors dialing, coaching and receiving feedback from horses through Horsepower coaching
  • Experience the power of group coaching
  • Gain invaluable feedback from an equus coaching experience
  • Enjoy a bonfire social (weather and location permitting, otherwise held indoors)

Experience a phoning, prospecting and closing intensive that is guaranteed to bring about quick results. Participants will be phoning and setting throughout the program as they receive ongoing coaching and feedback. This program is designed to help exclusively Northwestern Mutual Financial Representatives manage stress effectively, create a way to have genuine life balance and fulfillment, be more authentic and build the most successful practices possible. Participants will learn how to truly ENJOY phoning, prospecting, closing and the rest of their businesses.

Day #1:

  • Learn how our thoughts, our nervous system and the way we relate to others can profoundly impact a practice
  • Experience an interative stress management practice that can be easily used for a lifetime
  • Receive uncoached & coached phoning feedback during live dials
  • Practice leaving voicemail messages that get returned
  • Increase the number of reaches that result in a set to increase productivity
  • Learn how to manage productivity, gain insight on your conative hardwiring and how to leverage it

Day #2:

  • Enjoy a group coaching experience with horses at a stable
  • Learn from insights gained from horses how to build true connection with your clients for long term relationships
  • Experience equus coaching (no horse experience required)

Day #3:

  • Further practice phoning skills and receive additional feedback
  • Explore belief systems and how they drive outcomes in business
  • Find out how to really use the “law of attraction” to create a magnetic practice
  • Understand the power of prospecting and learn how to let it work for you
  • Practice uncoached and coached prospecting

Contact Communications Coordinator Megan Means to schedule your program by calling (608) 622-7764 or via email at [email protected].

$5,000*/person Madison, Milwaukee or Chicago
$5,500*/person elsewhere (not including Alaska or Hawaii)
*Price subject to change

A 50% deposit is required to register and the remaining balance must be paid in full before the start of your program. No discounts or refunds available due to the nature of the event, though we will reschedule if given 30 days notice except in cases of medical or family emergencies.

This program is all-inclusive and includes all materials, handouts, meals (except dinners), snacks, beverages and comfort amenities.

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