What is Equus Coaching?

Equus coaching brings life coaching and feedback from horses together. Clients can explore how others perceive them, their energetic connection with others, as well as their communication and leadership skills. Equus coaching allows people to bring about positive change in real time using partnership with horses and an equus coach as a facilitator.

Horsepower Coaching

Certified Equus coach, Alissa Gauger, MBA and Equine Facilitator Lisa Kann will facilitate a powerful experience that will help you build a stronger sense of connection with yourself and with others. Horses can be our four-footed teachers and serve as a “mirror” to help you to gain a deeper understanding of yourself and how you are perceived by others. You will receive careful instruction on safety and technique, as well as coaching throughout the activities which are all conducted on the ground. There is a saying: “the way we do anything is the way we do everything.” By applying this principle, learn first how to lead yourself using insight gained from the invaluable, unbiased information horses show you. Second, find out and practice how to use your newfound wisdom to lead others with methods of true leadership that really work. Learn about how leadership works in the equine setting and practice what you’re learning so that you return to your life with practical, real-world tools that you can apply immediately.

If you feel pain, suffering or confusion in your financial planning practice, relationships, parenting, life’s purpose, sense of personal boundaries or a general feeling of unhappiness and disconnection, equus coaching can help you find your way. People of all ages and walks of life can benefit from equus coaching if they are ready to look within. Equus coaching is a playful, fun and — at times, intense way to work through all types of life’s challenges.

Meet our Coaches

About Alissa

Alissa Gauger, MBA, is passionate about supporting connection with the self as well as connection with animals and nature. She has developed a deep appreciation for horses by living and fostering four miniature rescue horses and three full-size horses on her farm. The powerful and constant feedback horses provide is a mirror that can be used to bring about change. Her horses helped her recover from chronic trauma by gently guiding her back to herself.

As an Equus Coach who completed Koelle Simpson’s Equus Coach Training in 2011 and a Certified Martha Beck Coach, Gauger is excited to offer the same healing opportunity to others.




About Lisa


Lisa Kann is an Equine Facilitator who specializes in the horse/human partnership by strengthening communication and providing problem solving. Kann has been riding and working in the horse industry since 1995. With a passion for Dressage she also works with other disciplines and styles for clients of all levels and backgrounds. Kann has a deep understanding of horse behavior and the principles of natural horsemanship. She blends horse psychology with the mechanics of her earlier training.


Horsepower Testimonials

“My Horsepower experience helped me understand who I am as a person. I am making positive steps with the leadership skills I learned everyday.”

~Matt Krueger


“The Horsepower event I attended helped me discover a lot about how I am perceived by others, and the energy that I cast off into the world. It was definitely worth it.”

~Karl Dettmann


“Getting a chance to work with horses was amazing. You learn things about yourself that you would not otherwise understand through everyday human interaction. Just when you think you have yourself figured out, these horses show you that there is more…in a positive way. These animals allow you to grow as a person both spiritually and mentally. It was truly an amazing experience.”

~Ryan Ogrizovich


“Being in the round pen with a horse was one of the most powerful experiences I have ever had. There is nothing like a horse to see through your superficialities and show through your vulnerabilities. Connecting with the horse becomes all about your inner power and energy. With no agenda, the horse is open and receptive. When you are true to yourself, there is sometimes a magical moment called a “join up.” It is one of the most beautiful connections between a human and an animal that I have ever experienced. Hands down.”

~Laura Dettmann

Coaching Testimonials

“Meeting Alissa has been one of the best blessings of my life. She not only has helped me jump my practice to over $600k in premium, but she has played a pivotal role in how I manage my staff, my relationship with my wife, and how I relate with my clients. When working with Alissa, be prepared for change…because it will happen.”

~Karl Dettmann


“Alissa is a phenomenal coach. Through the steadfast dedication and care from Alissa, not only has my production increased dramatically, but I am a better husband, father and boss.”

~ David Dettmann


“Alissa has helped me to connect with my body, stay calm in stressful situations, and be more myself in everything I do. My competitive advantage is coaching from Alissa. Alissa is the reason that I made Million Dollar Round Table in 9 months!”

~Sandy Eichel

“I learned more about my practice, my prospects/clients and myself in two days than I have in 8 years in the business. This was like Fast Track on steroids, but with much more ‘woo-woo’. The relationships I developed here are the deepest and most genuine I have made in the business.”

Theo Kuczarski
Financial Advisor
Northwestern Mutual
Baltimore, MD

“Working with Alissa has really helped me understand how I can be more authentic in my practice and my life. I’ve learned so much about how I could operate more effectively.”

Robert Dowdle
Financial Representative
Northwestern Mutual
Provo, UT

“There is nothing that can’t be conquered through a little bit of coaching. No matter what your reservations you have something here could change you for the better. I love how they respect your diversity.”

Angel Sanchez
Financial Representative
Northwestern Mutual
San Diego, CA

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