Unleash Your TeamTM

Unleash Your Team 

A strong team is vital to build and sustain a high level practice! Would you like to provide an ongoing, interactive professional development opportunity to your team? This program is designed to help your staff become engaged employees. At the advanced level, it will build leaders who are as invested as you are—driven with a sense of purpose.

Certified Coach Alissa Gauger, MBA, and Coach Malory Ogrizovich will lead multiple courses of live one-hour sessions for AFRs across the country. AFRs will not only learn how to motivate and lead themselves, but will benefit from collaboration with their peers. The program is designed to foster true commitment to the practice and the AFR’s own growth.

Provide your team with the resources they need and become one of the top performing practices in the nation.

“The AFR group coaching program with Alissa and Malory has been very impactful to every team member that has participated. Everyone in our practice has gone through or will go through this program. The group coaching has helped us set up personal boundaries, break through communication barriers, and maximize each member’s self empowerment to own their share of our practice. I would highly recommend this to anyone building a holistic financial planning practice to build and maintain an elite support group that is your team, not employees.”

~Matt Blocki
FR to Program Participant
Northwestern Mutual
Pittsburgh, PA

“I have been coached by Alissa since April of 2015 and she has helped tremendously in both my business and personal life. There were certain ways that I dealt with things and I knew I needed a new way to think about things; however, I couldn’t figure out how to accomplish that. During my individual sessions with Alissa and attending the Leadership Track, I learned new ways to look at my relationships along with the challenges that I faced. Alissa guided me to think about myself and how to become “my authentic self” in every aspect of my life. In addition, I have expanded my library and continue to learn how to be true to myself and how to be who I want to be when I grow up. She has taught me to use my energy in a positive manner and how to think things through before I react. Thank you Alissa! I truly believe that the right things happen at the right time – for me it was meeting you and putting the pieces together.”

~Mindy Lopez
Director of Operations and Investments for Russell Stehling
Northwestern Mutual
San Antonio, TX

“Working with Alissa the past year and a half has shaped who I am personally and professionally. This job is not easy, and it takes a lot out of you sometimes. Alissa taught me that even though having a job takes a lot out of you mentally, that it’s something you can control and manage. I am very proud to put so much of my time and energy into my career, and I can say that Alissa has absolutely helped me to improve my mentality and sanity when it comes to working in such a demanding/high paced work environment. Without Alissa I may have gone crazy by now! But for my boss’ sake, and my own, that is not the case!”

~Maggie Fantaski
Practice Manager for Matt Blocki
Northwestern Mutual
Pittsburgh, PA

“I enrolled my AFR in the group coaching program and saw the benefit pretty quickly. John had more tools and confidence to lead himself and became a better problem-solver. He seemed happier and more able to manage stress in a healthy way. It was a way for me to invest in him to show him how much I appreciate him and the work he does. I’ve never come across another program for developing my team. This is a great one that I’d recommend to anyone looking to promote partnership and improved teamwork.”

~Jake Cohn
FR to Program Participant
Northwestern Mutual
New York, NY

“I thoroughly enjoyed participating in the Unleash Your Team Group Coaching sessions provided by Malory. Malory is fantastic! I found her knowledge and coaching helped me both in the work place and personally. I also enjoyed the group experience and the opportunity to learn from others. I would highly recommend these sessions to anyone looking to advance their practice and discover a little more about themselves.”

~Lindsey Blocki
Director of Marketing for Matt Blocki
Northwestern Mutual
Pittsburgh, PA

“Commenting about how much revenue is protected with good staff is trumped by how much your personal life improves when you have the correct support in place thanks to the AFR Group Coaching Program. Respectful communication, self-empowerment to see tasks through 100% on a person’s own, and respect for one another have never been so prevalent with team members in my practice after participating in this program. I am glad I did this as early as I did. This has already paid huge dividends in my practice, and many more will come as every existing and new team member that I hire will partake in this program. One of the most valuable pieces of coaching that Alissa has helped with is working with my team individually through the AFR program.”

~Matt Blocki
FR to Program Participant
Northwestern Mutual
Pittsburgh, PA

Build a Self-Leadership Foundation

Cost:  $795 per participant
Plus book “The Alchemist” by Paul Coelho $12, Kolbe Index A $49.95 and Stress Less TRE app $9.95

Meet your fellow colleagues and learn about the course. Begin a discussion of “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho (which will continue through course).

Master Change Management
Learn how humans can optimally navigate change. Apply what you learn to change that occurs in the practice and in your life. Find out how you can create more comfort during the change process, embrace growth and show yourself more understanding.

Tame Your ‘Lizard’ Brain
Find out about the fight or flight response and the role it plays in every aspect of life. Practice practical techniques to manage it both short and long term to better manage stress and support an attraction-based practice. Participants will learn practical tools and techniques that they can apply immediately.

Leverage Your Innate Abilities
Discover how your individual Kolbe score applies in your practice and your life. Provide the best client service and maximize your productivity by better understanding how you, your Financial Representative, and others in your life most naturally take action.

Put Your Conation to Work
Build on your understanding of the Kolbe by developing a specific action plan to improve your performance, increase your energy and reduce stress.

Embrace Your Authenticity
There is no better you to help run a practice than the real, authentic YOU! Enjoy a guided visualization to “meet” your true self. Find out what your character strengths are and how to apply them to maximize your personal impact. Research shows that knowing and applying your character strengths can help improve life satisfaction and well-being. Find out what your top character strengths are and how to live and work with improved alignment with them. Also, find out how introversion and extroversion may be impacting your work performance and how to embrace who you really are.

Lead from Within
Tap into a strong navigation system that already exists within! Learn how to chart a course to your best possible life using practical, innate tools.

Light the Fire Inside
Learn about the different types of methods for motivating people and how to apply this to inspire yourself to action. Explore your deeper purpose and make a plan for a bringing your best self to your own life and to the practice.

Leverage Your Leadership

 Cost: $795 per participant
Plus book “Loving What Is: Four Questions That Can Change Your Life” by Byron Katie ($12)

Meet your fellow colleagues and learn about the course. Begin discussion of “Loving What Is: Four Questions That Can Change Your Life” by Byron Katie (which will continue through course).

Use the Courage to be Vulnerable to Transform Your Life
Find out how you can experience a rich and full life by embracing uncertainty and vulnerability. By studying the findings of researcher Brené Brown, the course will teach you how to find the courage to dare greatly every day.

Rewrite Your Script
Did you know that your mind thinks thousands of thoughts every day–most of which are not true! Learn how to work with the thoughts that undermine your confidence and your beliefs in your own abilities. Your thoughts shape your life dramatically. Find out how to choose thoughts that better serve you and work with them to yield more powerful results.

Self-Coach on the Fly
Your inner critic is busy! Learn how to manage the negative thought patterns of your inner bully quickly and effectively as you go through your day.

Crack Problems Using Your Right Brain
Did you know that your right brain is a powerhouse of ideas and fresh perspectives? Learn how to mine it to solve any problem–no matter how maddening! 

Find and Use Your Inner Compass
Your energetic impact in the world is profound. Learn tangible tools to embrace your power. Find out how you can use your energy to make life work more smoothly.

Learn How to Work with Conflict
Do you fear conflict? Find out how conflict can help bring about healthier relationships, a stronger sense of self and better solutions for everyone in your life.

Inspire Happiness from Within
Learn practical tools for managing your mood, emotions and energy. Implement systems to use all of your new coaching strategies in daily life.

Enjoy Crushing It in the Business

Cost: $795 per participant
Plus book “The Joy Diet: 10 Daily Practices for a Happier Life” by Martha Beck ($13)

Meet your fellow colleagues and learn about the course. Begin discussion of “The Joy Diet: 10 Daily Practices for a Happier Life” by Martha Beck (which will continue through course).

Quiet Your Mind to Find Your Voice
Did you know that the verbal region of your brain processes about forty bits of information per second? The nonverbal brain processes about eleven million bits per second! Learn how quieting your verbal mind can give you deeper access to your intuition, creativity and senses. It can also help with stress management.

Empower Yourself by Leveraging Connection
Science now confirms that we are highly interconnected with each other. Oneness techniques allow you to feel greater connection and learn how to increase it for greater impact.

Manage Your Emotions in the Workplace
If you feel like emotions should be “pushed down” and felt as little as possible, you are in for a happy surprise. Explore how emotions are just messengers that briefly impart a message and move on—sometimes in minutes. Learn new skills to help you stay in balance at home and in the workplace.

Productivity Through Extreme Self Care
Harvard Business Review found that a lack of self-care translates to burnout and the bottom line. Learn how to manage your four core needs to expand your energy instead of just trying to put in more time (which is finite).

Use Play to Get More Done and Have Fun
When is the last time you played? Most people can’t remember. Learn how to develop a rhythm in life of “rest and play.” Find ways to add play into your workday to increase productivity, job satisfaction and effectiveness. 

Harness What’s Possible and Bring it to Life
What would you like to invite to happen in your life? Use your right brain to dream big and make a Pinterest or paper vision board. Learn what it means and how to use it to move in the direction of the life you most want.

Start Living Your Best Life Now
Do you want a WIG…a Wildly Improbable Goal? You will when you see what’s possible when you think big! Craft a WIG to push yourself to grow beyond what you currently believe is possible. Then…explore what’s next when you’re bringing your “A” game to your life and practice!

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